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2019 Fall Rodeo Schedule

September 6th & 7th
University of Wisconsin River Falls
River Falls, WI
September 12th, 13th & 14th
Mid Plains Community College
North Platte, NE
September 27th & 28th
Iowa Central Community College
Fort Dodge, IA
October 18th & 19th
Iowa State University
Ames, IA
November 1st & 2nd
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND

2019 Spring Rodeo Schedule

April 5th
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD
April 12th
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD
April 26th
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE
May 3rd
Dickinson State University
Dickinson, ND

2018 Fall Rodeo Schedule

September 7th-8th
River Falls, Wisconsin

Saturday Slack 9AM:

Barrel Racing

(1) Sophia Sander

(2) Camryn Braun

(7) Kaiti Bargender

(13) Lacey Holcomb

(20) Ali Boese

(26) Jen Stolp

(38) Rachel Bromen

(45) Alysa Katerski

(48) Meagan Kizewski

(56) Hannah Bergstrom

(58) Audrey Carlson

(60) Madison Tornio

(61) Fallon Goetsch

(65) Chelsea McEvoy

(69) Ariel Juetten

Saturday Afternoon Performance 1:30PM

Tie Down Roping

(4) Nathan Tschanz

Goat Tying

(2) Betsi Bishop

Barrel Racing

(2) Betsi Bishop

(5) Molly Kelly

(9) Jacie Lind

(10) Elizabeth Brandner

(12) Bree Moderow

September 14th-15th
North Platte, Nebraska

Friday Slack Noon:

Tie Down Roping

(17) Nathan Tschanz

Friday Performance 7PM:

Barrel Racing

(4) Betsi Bishop

(6) Alysa Katerski

Saturday Slack 10AM:

Barrel Racing

(2) Molly Kelly

(6) Rachel Bromen

(8) Hannah Bergstrom

(12) Jen Stolp

(20) Audrey Carlson

(22) Bree Moderow

(27) Lacey Holcomb

(30) Chelsea McEvoy

(31) Jacie Lind

(34) Elizabeth Bradner

(44) Fallon Goetsch

(47) Sophia Sander

(55) Madison Tornio

(56) Camryn Braun

(80) Ariel Juetten

Goat Tying

(7) Betsi Bishop

September 28th-29th
Fort Dodge, Iowa

Friday Performance 7PM:

Barrel Racing

(11) Audrey Carlson

Friday Night Slack After Performance 

Tie Down Roping

(3) Nathan Tschanz

Saturday Slack 9AM:

Barrel Racing

(6) Betsi Bishop

(22) Fallon Goetsch

(40) Sophia Sanders

(44) Ariel Juetten

(47) Elizabeth Brandner

(63) Jacie Lind

(64) Madison Tornio

(70) Jen Stolp

(73) Lacey Holcomb

(78) Molly Kelly

Goat Tying

(4) Betsi Bishop

October 12th-13th
Fargo, North Dakota
October 19th-20th
Ames, Iowa
November 1st-2nd
Sisseton, South Dakota

Saturday Slack 12PM:

Barrel Racing

(5) Sophia Sander

(8) Madison Tornio

(17) Jacie Lind

(23) Ariel Juetten 

(27) Molly Kelly

(29) Bree Moderow

(40) Elizabeth Brandner

(50) Audrey Carlson

(51) Hannah Bergstrom

(53) Meagan Kizewski 

Goat Tying

(7) Betsi Bishop

Friday Night Performance 7PM:

Barrel Racing

(2) Betsi Bishop

(7) Lacey Holcomb

Saturday Afternoon Performance 1PM

Tie Down Roping

(3) Nathan Tschanz

Goat Tying

(1) Laura Holt

Barrel Racing

(6) Chelsea McEvoy

(7) Rachel Bromen

Saturday Slack 12PM:

Barrel Racing

(9) Fallon Goetsch

(22) Alysa Katerski

(35) Audrey Carlson

(38) Jacie Lind

(45) Sophia Sander

Goat Tying

(9) Betsi Bishop

Friday Night Performance 7PM:

Goat Tying

(8) Molly Kelly​

Barrel Racing

(5) Molly Kelly

(10) Ariel Juetten

(12) Chelsea McEvoy

Thursday Slack 10AM:

Barrel Racing

(3) Molly Kelly

(21) Betsi Bishop

(25) Jacie Lind

(29) Laura Holt

(38) Lacey Holcomb

(44) Meagan Kizewski

(47) Chelsea McEvoy

(49) Sophia Sander

(52) Rachel Bromen

Goat Tying

(18) Molly Kelly

(21) Laura Holt

(24) Betsi Bishop

Thursday Night Performance 6PM:

Barrel Racing

(1) Elizabeth Brandner

(4) Audrey Carlson

(5) Ariel Juetten

(10) Jen Stolp

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